Casita 26

“Linaae takes us on an exhilarating journey. Her beautiful writing brings us along as willing travel companions.” Rick Antonson (Canadian Travel Author and former President and CEO of Tourism Vancouver)

Casita 26

Searching for a Slice of Andalusian Paradise by Karethe Linaae was released by Mascot Books in the USA in the spring of 2019. Included in the American Library of Congress, the book is available on Amazon in paperback and as an e-book. Casita 26 is classified as Travel/Memoirs in line with Francis Mayes books on Tuscany and Chris Stewart’s accounts of Las Alpujarras, following a move from a North American city of millions to a small, rural town in Andalucía. Casita 26 is dedicated to the people of Ronda. The book illustrations are by rondeña artist Virgínia Jiménez Perez.



Have you ever wanted to get rid of everything you own and move someplace unfamiliar?

This is a true modern-day immigration tale of how Karethe and her husband Jaime left a North American city of millions for a small, rural mountain town in Andalucía. What are the challenges of a transatlantic move in the 21st century? Will an outsider ever be fully welcomed, especially when settling in a very Catholic, hyper-traditional community located way off the freeway system? Take the leap with Karethe and Jaime and discover a world of priceless riches, where passions and tempers run high, kisses are abundant, and where “Help thy neighbour” really means something.



What do the readers say


“Nå har jeg lagt fra meg boken din etter å ha smilt meg gjennom den dag etter dag. Herlige beskrivelser av livet i Ronda og Andalucia. Jeg kjenner meg igjen i så mye. Selv bor jeg utenfor Marbella og stortrives. Er naturligvis spent på hvordan det har gått med byggetillatelsen.”     

Rigmor Rundhaug Herlofsen


Casita 26 book review in Society Magazine, september 2020

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