Karethe is a writer, designer and general SNOBB living in Ronda, Andalucía. Her first non-fiction book about her Andalusian adventures Casita 26 was released by Mascot Books on February 5th 2019.

Originally from Norway, the author has been a lifestyle journalist in Paris, movie reporter in Montreal, scriptwriter in LA, and a content writer for international non-profit organizations based in Vancouver. She met Jaime, her present, third and, she swears, last husband, while working on a screen adaption of a best seller in India. Karethe is an award winning film director (offkey – Semaine de la Critique, Cannes Film Festival 1994). She is a respected art director and production designer in the film industry (www.snobb.net) based in Vancouver (a film capital referred to as “Hollywood North” for the quality of productions). She has a double MFA in Creative Writing and Film Production from the University of British Columbia, and a Graduate Diploma in Communication Studies from Concordia University. This is her first non-fiction book.