Postcard from Sierra de Líjar, February 2, 2014

Spring is here! Well not really, as we have had some rather cold and rainy days lately. But when we went for a hike in the Sierra de Lijar region this Sunday, we witnessed our very first almond blossoms, as well as wild-growing daffodils and a very rare pink orchid, whose Latin name has escaped me.

Sierra de Lijar is located between the white villages of Algodonales and Olvera in Spain’s southernmost province of Cádiz. The area is a favoured launching-spot for para-gliders, as well as Griffin vultures, neither of which seemed to mind sharing the same air space. Lovely site!

With more rain in the forecast, we still have to wear Gortex coats and sport wind-worn umbrellas. But as the fields have taken on a shade of light green and the almond trees in our back yard are bursting their buds, we know that warmer days are just ahead.

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