Karethe is a Norwegian-born writer living in Ronda, Andalucía. Her first non-fiction book Casita 26 – Searching for a Slice of Andalusian Paradise was released by Mascot Books, USA in 2019. She has been a lifestyle journalist in Paris, movie reporter in Montreal, scriptwriter in LA, and a content writer for international NGOs in Vancouver. She has a double MFA in Creative Writing and Film Production from the University of British Columbia, and a Graduate Diploma in Communication Studies from Concordia University.

Karethe is a regular contributor to
Essential Magazine (in English), Det Norske Magasinet (in Norwegian), En Sueco (in Swedish), La Danesa (in Danish) magazines, as well as the Olive Press.


Article about LA Organic Experience by Karethe Linaae written for Essential Magazine.

Karethe had a long career as an art director in the Vancouver Film Industry. (See Productions Design Photos)

From TV series pilot ‘L-Word’ Production design snobb.net


Her short film ‘offkey‘ won awards at film festivals in the USA, Australia, Greece, Russia and Norway. The film was nominated for the Canadian Academy Genie Awards and was selected for Semaine de la Critique, Cannes Film Festival. (More info)


Production stills from ‘offkey’, a short movie by Karethe Linaae


Karethe continues to expand her writing portfolio with fascinating feature articles from her adopted home and beyond.