Andalucian winter sun

My uncle from Lillehammer told me that they have 15 degrees below zero at the moment, so they stay mostly indoors.

Winter in Ronda is not hot by any stretch of the imagination. Our town is located nearly 800 meter above sea level and surrounded by a mountain chain (la Serranía de Ronda), which these days are dusted in snow. Our daytime temperature usually gets up into the early teens and may drop down to freezing at night. Yet, we see the sun most days and even with a biting wind, one can always take cover and feel the warmth seeping into ones bones.

Today we discovered a trail that takes off from the top of our Barrio and meanders its way down to an eremita or hermitage overlooking the city. The dirt road was lined by the most gorgeous overgrown stone fence with olive groves on either sides. The soft winter sun gilded the volcanic rock and bronzed the earth that makes this soil so fertile for growing oranges, almonds, olives and wine.

Walked about, I thought of my family in the north and imagined sending some heated rays their way. So for Gry who spent hours shoveling her driveway today, for my family hiding from the cold and for friends who are raining away in Vancouver, here is a bit of Andalucian winter sun for you.


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  1. What a lovely picture and so nice to send some Spanish rays to your friends and family in colder climates. I have just started reading your blog (having seen a comment on LaLa’s blog) and find your article about the Spanish banking system so true. It would be funny too if the Spanish Banks had not got themselves into such a mess in recent years.

    I live on the coast in Mijas and I am surrounded by neighbours of all nationalities – we have been lucky in our Urbanization as it has not been over developed which cannot be said for much of this area.

    Everything that is happening to you in your new venture has happened to everyone I know – we get used to queuing and the little old lady who has ‘solo una pregunta’ when she pushes into the queue. My husband was recently queing at the Post Office and a Spanish lady asked him to keep her place whilst she sent to see her mother – half an hour later she returned and expected to find her place infront of my husband – no way Jose!

    Good luck with your new life in Ronda, I love Ronda.


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