The amorous Spanish fly

Still life of Spanish wall art with resident fly

Of course we all have heard about the infamous Spanish fly, the aphrodisiac that became legendary in movies and folklore myth in this past century. It may seem like a dated form of Viagra to some, but I assure you that the Spanish fly is alive and well.

It has come to our attention that every Spanish home has at least one resident fly. Restaurants often have two, sometimes with spouses. Unlike Canadian flies, who are large, slow and frankly a bit dumb, the Spanish fly is persistent to a plague, fast and furious, and often, dear I say, amorous. It is always ready for action, making its lustful attack when least expected, flying straight for an open orifice, a trembling nostril, a temptingly bejeweled ear canal or a slightly parted bottom lip. To assure that they will not end up big and dumb, when they cannot find a human partner, they will swiftly turn ot any available fly-mate to assure their lineage.

“Una mosca menos” (one fly less) said our gangly waiter the other day, as he snapped his kitchen towel at an innocent fly. He may have killed one, but his efforts were in vain, as on the next table where two flies in action, proving that the Spanish fly will always be on top…

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