…and then came the snow…

We woke up this morning after a mighty thunderous night and opened our shutters to the most magical snowy landscape!

There was no time to waste. We immediately set out on a photo hunt, discovering Ronda dressed in white. Young and old where out enjoying the snow, not seen in town since 2006. Thus every child we met under the age of 8 most likely touch snow for the very first time today.

Our first stop was the top of the old Arab city wall, where we waved at our neighbours and rather cheekily threw snowballs at our friends, little Oscar and his father Francisco.

On the way up to town, we looked out at snow-covered fields that were covered in spring blossoms only yesterday. Orange and almond branches hung heavy with frozen limbs in the Casco Histórico. In the tajo, a thick fog was seeping in, making a magical spectacle of haze, between streaks of sunlight.

We decided to walk down to the old Arab baths, meeting our first Spanish snow man (just over a foot tall…) on the way. His feet and arms were made of delicate spring green loaves and flowering buds.

Outside Bar Casa Clemente, a charming restaurant just up the road from the baths, Maria, the daughter was making a snow lady, while Clemente himself was shuffling snow and Lola, the mother was taking photos. We decided to name Maria’s snow lady after her grandmother, Isabel, and she was given a silk scarf for added flair.

Emerging from our café con leche at Clemente’s, the snow was quickly disappearing. Isabel was threatening to fall of her fence (you know what do they say about sitting on fences…) and rivulets of melting water were running along the cobbled road.

But we were happy. We had seen Ronda in snow. Who knows, maybe it will be 8 years until next time…

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